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The Power of Values-based Leadership

a leader’s guide to sustainable, extraordinary results

The Power of Values-based Leadership - eBook from Davis H. Taylor

Download this free 39-page leadership ebook - Workbook resource complete with action steps, case studies and more from Davis H. Taylor, leader at TAI and author of The Imperfect Leader.

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Corporations today seem adrift in a sea of change. We experience a truly global economy. Innovation and change are happening at astounding speeds. Competitive pressure is far greater than it ever has been.

In the midst of these pressures, most corporations claim that people resources are their primary competitive advantage…yet, according to a widely acclaimed study, less than one-third of the work force is actively engaged in their work—the rest are just “putting in time,” or worse, actively working against the organization. 

The antidote to this problem is Values-Based Leadership (VBL). VBL is a leadership philosophy that enables you to create and lead values-driven organizations that are energized, equipped and organized to achieve powerful goals.

This booklet/workbook will show you how.

Download a sample of this ebook. First 17 of 39 pages.







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The Imperfect Leader by Davis H Taylor

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"Every CEO and leadership team will benefit from the insights and methodology found in The Imperfect Leader. Davis Taylor brings unerring integrity and focus to the process of aligning leadership teams on common values, mission and vision. He also challenges business executives to understand that it is not about me, a realization that can bring waves of positive change throughout the organization. Read the book and challenge yourself to become a Values-based Leader."

Robert Cook, Vistage Chair

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